Top 5 Reasons Why Superman and Wonder Woman Shouldn't Hook Up!

Fanboys went wild with the news that Superman and Wonder Woman were going to get down (and possibly dirty) as a couple or Superhero friends with benefits.  Think this is a good idea?  We don’t.  We break down the top five reasons why Superman and Wonder Woman should NOT hook up.  

Won’t someone think of the children?” – The Simpsons’ Mrs. Lovejoy said it best and it bears repeating.  What if Superman and Wonder Woman totally feel each other and kids get brought up?  Who’ s having them?  Wonder Woman is not having anybody’s kids.  She’s got too much going on for that.  Yeah, she’d still be super strong while pregnant, but how many people are going to try their luck with her sporting a gut full of (super)human?  Plus, with a superkid in that belly, the morning sickness alone would be catastrophic.

The sexy time will be destructive: Think about it!  Wonder Woman does not strike me as the kind of superheroine to want to lie down on her back.  She’s a woman on top.  And with that lasso?  She’ll make Superman feel like a damn horse.  Then it may be cool the first time, but pretty soon whole areas will be destroyed when these two get it on.  That’s a whole lot of reparations to pay just to get it on.  And a lack of sexy time is not good for a relationship…

No time for a date night: When will they have time for going out on dates to keep their relationship fresh and hot when they’re both superheroes.  The villains don’t take vacations, so when will Superman and Wonder Woman get a chance to relax alone?

Lois Lane might want in on Superman: Yeah, sure, she’s dating some creepy like guy but you can’t deny the chemistry between Lois and Clark Kent, Superman’s alter ego.  What happens if Superman starts to get feelings for his coworker?  They spend quite a bit of time together.

And last but NOT least:

The FIGHTS would be EPIC (and terrible): Every couple gets into fights.  It’s normal.  If you don’t fight on occasion, you probably hate each other too much.  Imagine.  Wonder Woman seeks Clark Kent get a little too close or flirty with Lois Lane.  She approaches Superman back at the house and they start fighting?  Do you think she’s going to sit there and let him yell at her?  What if things escalate?  She’ll just knock the hell out of him and smash him around by restraining him with her lasso.  Or, he’ll throw her out into the troposphere only to kick her straight to Mars when she comes back.  That’s some serious fighting!

Yeah, they make a great couple, but being a couple brings a whole lot of trouble in addition to the crime fighting they have to do.  Do you think Superman and Wonder Woman can work out as a couple?  Tell us what you think!