TRANSFORMERS 4: Sleek Pagani Huayra Added to Film

This ultra sleek number you see above you is the image released by Michael Bay on his website earlier today and already a slew of rumors as to which Transformer it might be have begun.  This 2013 Pagani Huayra is named after the Andean god Huayra-tata (god of the winds in Quechua).  Want one?  It will only cost you $1.3 milli.  Chump change, right?

Sporting twin turbo Mercedes AMG engine and hitting a top speed of 231 mph, if this baby is actually an Autobot, the Decepticons will get a run for their money in Transformers 4.

What do you think?  Who do you think this is?

Personally I’m going to agree with the theory that this is Hot Rod, which may or may not be a good thing considering Hot Rod became Rodimus Prime at one point.