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How to sum up the red band trailer for Triple 9 (Open Road Films)?  Well, there’s a lot of brown people doing criminal stuff, ya know, the usual tired ass movie trope… Oh, Kate Winslet is a baddie, Russian version of Griselda Blanco, Anthony Mackie is fine as hell (bae af!!!), Norman Reedus is effortlessly cool (natch!), Chiwetel Ejiofor is smooth, and Woody Harrelson does what he does best and that’s being badass.  Oh, and there’s the cool Affleck, Casey.  I like that Casey doesn’t give a damn and will take some of the darkest roles.  Good on him!

Right, so back to the brown people thing… Aren’t we tired of this yet?  Because I am.  When will they move these types of gangster films into the Midwest or Portland, Oregon or something?  Sue me, but I love a good crime/film noir movie.  Despite the bullshit stereotyping–and you know I’m right–I like to see a strong female gangster once in awhile, and Anthony Mackie is looking better than a whole entire birthday cake.  And that’s just some of why I want to see it… Watch the trailer for yourself:

Basically, some bad cops beat the hell out of Woody Harrelson’s good cop character, creating a diversion so they can execute a major heist.  Harrelson makes it out alive and goes on to chase the bad cops, and all out war ensues on the streets.  Sounds like good, wholesome fun!

Source: Yahoo Movies