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When will people learn to conduct themselves like civilized human beings, and not straight up dicks in the age of social media supremacy?  Some people are just so entitled (no shade, but SHADE) that they just can’t help themselves.  The moron at the Iowa State vs. Iowa game this past Saturday is totally deserving of the Twinquisition (Twitter Inquisiton) she’s earned.

According to the Iowa State Daily, a group of student protesters were at the game to protest professional idiot Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, who was scheduled to make an appearance.  The protesters were peaceful according to all accounts, but the crowd around them tended to want to show their asses, with one woman, now identified by the Daily as Shelby Mueller of Des Moines, Iowa, actually ripping some poor kid’s sign in half.  Before you even ask if his sign was offensive, watch the video for yourself:

How you can be offended by a sign that says, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter,” is beyond any sane person’s level of comprehension.  Twitter user @GoodSam10 was on it, and put the video up for the entire world to see after initially posting a quick clip.

Super American @realDonaldTrump supporter violates protester’s freedom of speech at Iowa vs. Iowa state tailgate

— Samuel Van Oort (@GoodSam10) September 12, 2015

Naturally, her name got out–they ALWAYS do–and now her name is all up on Twitter and Tumblr for all the wrong reasons.  It’s early yet, but as the gravity of it being just another boring Monday hits, the Twinquisition will only gain more steam.  She already deleted her Twitter and Facebook pages.  She was ghost!  Mean AND cowardly?  Unfortunately for her, the internet never forgets, even if people let it go.

The power of social media and the Internet is incredible

— Samuel Van Oort (@GoodSam10) September 13, 2015

It sure is…