USA's PSYCH Renewed for Season 8 – Geek Mundo

‘Psych’ fans you can all rejoice!  The USA network has renewed the buddy comedy for its eighth season proving that the show is still going strong.

USA must have something really good in ‘Psych’ because no matter what, the show is still going strong.  It’s going so strong that it’s been renewed for an eighth season.  If you don’t count the WWE’s Monday Night Raw, ‘Psych’ is the USA’s longest running show.  According to Deadline, the official Twitter page for ‘Psych’ dropped the news that the show will be back for another run.  ‘Psych’ season 7 isn’t scheduled to premiere until February 27th, with one episode being set up as a musical.  Alrighty then…

The guys will have to deal with some changes in their lives as Gus (Dule Hill) gets a girlfriend and Shawn (James Roday) figures out whether or not he’s going to take the next big step with his girlfriend: moving in together.