Watch: GAME OF THRONES S2E7 “A Man Without Honor” Recap – Geek Mundo

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Instead of making a big long post, we decided to just try a video recap of Game of Thrones S2E7, “A Man Without Honor”. We talk about Jon Snow and Ygritte overly tense moments, Catelyn, Brienne and Jamie’s very tense conversation (which will lead to big changes believe that), Robb and Jeyne Westerling’s budding romance and Cersei’s moments of tenderness. Check it out!

Please believe that they are already setting the tone for the next season, in fact there are parts that have jumped ahead, while others have moved slowly. The meeting between Catelyn and Jamie, with Brienne standing guard is basically indicating that we are pretty much close to an end.

Sansa finds herself in a compromising position now that she is basically a woman, and Arya gets close to Tywin Lannister which is an interesting deviation from the books. The most annoying deviation was Jon Snow and Ygritte, which was hard to watch because it was just so bizarre. Ygritte was basically sex crazed, and we are not quite sure why the writers wrote her that way. Ygritte’s sexual, but not sexually deprived/depraved. Two different things.

Either way, we hope you enjoy!