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Either the pressure was too great or this was the best that they could do, but the WWE finally aired a tribute of sorts for Joanie Laurer, best known as Chyna, who passed away last week in her Redondo Beach home.  The circumstances of her death are all conjecture at this point, but we can all agree that things weren’t the same for Chyna after her relationship with Triple H ended in the most trifling of ways.  It’s also no secret that Chyna and Stephanie McMahon probably didn’t get along after the aforementioned discovered that Steph was the other party in the ratchet love triangle.  It was all downhill from there for Chyna and the WWE ensured that they paid her dust for attention for years.

I’m not going to get into what she did because her actions have to be seen through the lens of someone much more qualified than most of the IWC.  That said, if you know someone with mental illness, game recognizes game.

Last night at the start of Monday Night RAW we were expecting some sort of tribute with the ten bells, and the montage, and the other pomp and circumstance that normally happens when a wrestler (or Superstar) as beloved as Chyna passes away.  We got a tweet first:

— WWE (@WWE) April 26, 2016

Two hours later, the WWE dropped this video on social media and during RAW, but it’s not anything to write home about:

You will be missed… #RIPChyna #RAW

— WWE (@WWE) April 26, 2016

As someone who has gotten her YouTube on and knows her way around Adobe Premiere Pro enough to make a simple video without too many bells and whistles, that tribute looked like something I’d be able to do. I’m just saying. The music was some stock song that sounded like it was straight out of Free Music Archive, the editing was simple, and to add a little meat and potatoes, they added tweets from McMahon, Triple H, and people who said nice things about her but probably hadn’t called her in years to ask, “Hey sis! Are you okay?”


I quit at the start of the show after seeing that they planned to be petty.   And though I missed my Wrestling Twitter fam tweeting me to say that the tribute was on (Black Ink Crew had my full attention at that point), I can’t say that I’m sad I missed it.  I would have been a lot angrier.

I’m going on the record and saying that they got someone from the back to do a quick 12th grade A.V. Club effort of a montage after they saw the social media rebellion from former Superstars like Sycho Vicious–who is hilarious on Twitter–and fans alike.  They must really think we’re stupid.