Watch This Magical Animated Short Film THE GATHERING DUSK – GeekMundo

Set in the world of colonial Jamaica in the 1930s, the animated short film The Gathering Dusk shows us a colonial housewife who seems to be wanting more from life, goes searching for it and gets sucked in by what she finds.  All of this happens while her oblivious husband naps on the front porch and her cook creates a magical concoction in the kitchen. There is a small NSFW part so keep your eyes open. Check it out:

I feel like if you didn’t understand this short film, you may have missed out on the message.  The simplest message to gather being that despite any changes, colonialism included, the land will always claim what belongs to her, people included.  I think that’s the best, most simple way to describe it.  There are many other themes here, but that’s the one I felt was most prominent.  I think director Amy Brutton and her team did a really awesome job.  I know I was hooked from beginning to end.  Most importantly, I want to know more.  What happens next?