Watch: Ultra Gory Teaser for SCANDAL: THE COMEBACK

Vietnamese horror flick Scandal: The Comeback takes a look at the dark side of being a film starlet, the volatile and finicky ability to stay on top, and what some actresses will do to their bodies to keep their position.  And I am so here for it.

Bella is an aging actress who goes under the knife to prove that she still has what it takes to be a top box office draw.  Unfortunately, she dies on the operating room table, but like the Greyjoy’s motto says “What is dead may never die.”

Take a look for yourself:

Awesome, right?  At first the premise seems like it might be cheesy, but the potential for amazing horror gold is quite evident.  What I want to know is what was in that vial?

Scandal: The Comeback premieres this September in Vietnam, but I pray to God it comes to Netflix.

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