We Are Wakanda is Building an App! Here's How You Can Help! – GeekMundo

When our good friends at We Are Wakanda reached out to us to help spread the word about their new WAW Media app we jumped at the chance.  And there’s a good reason for that.  We were really impressed with what they have planned, but you don’t have to take our word for it.  Check it out for yourself via this infographic:

Indiegogo/WAW Media

What I really like is the focus on original content and giving underrepresented voices in the geek, art, tech, and entertainment community, in general, the opportunity to showcase their talent and creativity in one convenient place.  Of course, the live event coverage is also awesome!  There are only a little under 37 hours left to help support the WAW Media app’s fundraising goals, so don’t miss out on your chance to be a founding member, supporter, patron, or executive producer.  They are working on an app for iOS and Android platforms so it’s not going to be cheap and that’s why they need your help.  Here’s how you can support: