We Called It! Disney Ramping Up 3D Movie Re-Releases

I knew it! After the success of the Lion King 3D re-release, I said that Disney would be mad to not start re-releasing movies in its catalog with the 3D treatment. Welp, they took note:

Disney has seen the 3D light following the success of its re-release of The Lion King in the extra dimension, announcing today limited theatrical releases for four more of its animated films: Beauty and the Beast (January 13, 2012), Pixar’s Finding Nemo (September 14, 2012) and Monsters, Inc. (January 18, 2013), and The Little Mermaid (September 13, 2013). The Lion King 3D is about to cross $80 million in domestic box office since it was re-released September 16; it finished third this past weekend domestically, where it is playing in 2,340 theaters. The Monsters Inc. date, meanwhile, comes five months before Disney releases that film’s prequel, Monsters University, on June 21, 2013.

These are only just a few movies, but I think Disney is still playing it strategically. IF these are successful, they will find others. Trust me on that.