You might recall the infamous viral video featuring the “crazy” Jamaican CVS patron who ranted about the devil to a forlorn store employee who was trying to escort her out of the store.  We all laughed.  Hell, I felt sorry for her, but I laughed my ass off.   Now in the latest video, she seems to indicate that her children passed away some five months ago.

Disregarding the mega asshole who’s filming her and making fun of her (way to be a douchebag, son!), at the 1:42 mark, the woman says, “All my children is in heaven five months now”, and then says, “Five months now my children (gone down?)”. I can understand her for the most part(Caribbean fam stand up!!! That’s how I talk to my family at home!), but the audio is really shitty and I can’t quite make out that last quote.

Douchebag tells her we all die, and shares that his grandmother passed a month ago (sorry, bro), so it seems to corroborate what she’s saying. All I know is I get an intensely shitty feeling from this video, and it sheds a light on the fact that sometimes viral videos have very real people behind them with very really issues. This is providing that she’s telling the truth. In the end it doesn’t matter. If she’s not hurting anybody, let her get the Holy Ghost wherever she wants to.