Why We Love Japan: Robot Restaurant is Awesomely Outrageous

  I need to find my way to Robot Restaurant STAT!

Do we have a Robot Restaurant in the United States yet?  If not why?  This needs to happen NOW!  Japan knows how to do it big, and if you’re not averse to looking at attractive Japanese girls, strobe lights and lasers, and a bevy of robots then this is your mecca.  While you stuff your face with some delish Japanese food, you’ll watch as all hell breaks loose on one of three stages.  I don’t really care about the food, I’m here for these robots:

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting cosplay ideas from this.  It beats the played out Slave Leia shit, amirite?

Talk about death by “snoo-snoo”.

Nice to see the robot shark from Jaws still getting work.

You just have to see this in action.  These images don’t even begin to cover what goes down at the restaurant: