Why We Love Japan: TIFF Will Showcase MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM – GeekMundo

via Tokyo International Film Festival Courtesy Tokyo International Film Festival

I have no problem confessing that I regularly daydream about nerdy shit that most often involves steampunk, alternate universes, and being a Gundam pilot, complete with existential angst.  That is why I’m trying to find out how many lap dances I would have to do so I can put the money together to attend the 28th Tokyo International Film Festival in October.  Aside from loving classic Japanese cinema, I’m dying to check out their Mobile Suit Gundam special program and screening.

It is nearly 35 years since the theatrical version of
Mobile Suit Gundam was released. Numerous works, whose creators have publicly stated they were influenced by Gundam, have been worldwide big hits. One such work, the Guillermo del

Toro-directed Pacific Rim, remains fresh in audiences’ minds, and thus the influence of Gundam

continues to reverberate throughout the world.

In addition to screening the memorable first theatrical-released film and the legend, Mobile Suit

Gundam directed by Yoshiyuki TOMINO, the festival plans to screen a few dozen works of TV series episodes, other films released in theaters, and shorts that have very rarely appeared on the big screen. Befitting the first-ever major screening of Gundam, the franchise’s creators—

ranging from those in its early days to those of its latest installments—will appear on stage.

Okay, so who’s going to hook up my GoFundMe to go to this?  Anybody?