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via FX Networks

And by cuddly, I mean demonic.  Anyway, good news for us my fellow Strainiacs!  FX has just renewed Guillermo del Toro’s vampire apocalypse series, The Strain, for a second season which will premier next summer.  I’m only asking what took them so long.  Each episode has consistently gotten better, and despite being adapted from a book trilogy,  they’ve been able to stay remarkably true in some way to the books.  If only others *cough* Benioff *cough* Weiss *ahem* could do television adaptations of books this well.

I’ve been behind on my reviews, but look for my review of episode 6, “Occultation”, this week.

With True Blood dying the true death next week, who knows?  The vampire market might be cornered by del Toro’s bloodsuckers.

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