Wrasslecast Episode 45 Featuring GeekMundo's Seattle Slim – GeekMundo

I’m a bit late on this, so I apologize.  Maybe I should make procrastination an issue to tackle for my upcoming New Year’s resolution.  Anyway, I was super honored to be the guest of the fam over at CSPN’s Wrasslecast for their post-SummerSlam podcast.  They also got into NXT’s Takeover in Brooklyn, and other awesome stuff like Monday Night RAW and SmackDown.  I had a blast, so a big shoutout goes to the Wrasslecast homies.

Oh, and you know I had to go in Seth Rollins and his pet racist… It’s just what I do.  Check it out:

If you’re a wrestling fan, then you definitely should join me for my weekly Monday Night RAW live-tweet.  It now comes with 33% more nutritious snark for you to gorge on.  But be forewarned, I’m a New Day stan (#TeamTrombone), and a John Cena girl… But think of it as a weekly Hater’s Ball via Twitter for wrestling.  It’ll be fun.  Like I said, it’s nutritious.  Follow me at @xoSeattleSlim!