WWE Studios' Leprechaun: Origins Coming to Theaters, Sheamus Not Starring – GeekMundo

Guardians of the Galaxy is about to get dragged at the theaters, guys*.  WWE Studios‘ reboot of those so-bad-they’re-funny Leprechaun movies will be coming to theaters when Leprechaun: Origins hits select theaters on August 22nd but if you feel like saving your hard-earned coins, you can catch it on demand starting August 26th.  Now, I know what you’re thinking.  And the answer is no.  Sheamus is not in the movie.  Honestly, that’s a ball dropped, if you ask me.  Sheamus would’ve been perfect as the local bad ass who dies whilst saving some poor moron after they’ve made a string of poor decisions.  *cue angels singing in harmony*

Who we do get is Dylan Postl, better known as Hornswoggle to fans, as the resident evil sumbitch.  I guess the WWE figured he should totally get the job because he played a leprechaun on Raw and Smackdown, so why not get the best bang for their bucks, right?

All jokes aside, it does look like a guilty horror pleasure, so I’ll get it on-demand.  You know, like when you bought the KFC Double Down once or twice, and it tasted bomb, but deep down you felt you were eating chog?  It’d better be good.  I’m already irritated my Brogue Kickin’ boyfriend isn’t in the movie.  Damn it, ‘E! #YouHadOneJob