XBOX ONE Reveal Highlights

Check out the highlights from Microsoft’s Xbox One reveal and enjoy the future of gaming and home entertainment after the jump.

As many of you know, Microsoft has revealed their next gen gaming console and shall call it Xbox One. Xbox One is huge and looks to be about the size of an old DVD player I have. It will come with one controller and a new, redesigned Kinect sensor that is reportedly need to make the Xbox One work. Xbox One does not require a constant internet connection to work either. Xbox One is not backwards compatible with Xbox 360 games and I’ve heard it will not work with current gaming headsets. So if you have gone out and bought one, then you will need a new one to go it the Xbox One. Xbox one has some really cool features and the coolest one I think is the ability to Skype while watching a movie or TV show and I am wondering if it will work while playing games too. Even though Microsoft didn’t reveal any games during this presentation, I think the features they showed really kicked ass. It looks like the Xbox One will totally and finally make good use of the Kinect sensor to its maximum potential. We still do not have a price or an exact release date yet. Are you excited for the Xbox One? Let us know in the comments below.