Yet ANOTHER Studio Passes on Stephen King's 'Dark Tower' | Geek Mundo

Is it because the breadth of the project is too great? Who knows? According to The Hollywood Reporter, Universal flat out said no, but Warner Bros. had Ron Howard and Akiva Goldsman attached to write the script (with Brian Grazer producing). Unfortunately, while there may have been interest from the aforementioned, the studio put the kibosh on the idea, deciding to pass. If Warner Bros. would have gone with ‘Dark Tower’, we would have gotten three films and two television shows out of it.

Here’s a synopsis (via Dark Tower Wikia):

In the story, Roland is the last living member of a knightly order known as gunslingers and the last of the line of Arthur Eld, much like our King Arthur. The world he lives in is quite different from our own, yet bears many similarities to it. Politically organized along the lines of a feudal society, it shares technological and social characteristics with the American Old West, but also incorporates elements of magic. While the technology of the Old Ones is largely gone from Mid-World, there are still some relics from that highly advanced society. Roland’s quest is to find and protect the Dark Tower, a fabled building said to be the nexus of all universes. Roland’s world is said to have “moved on”. Roland’s nation of Gilead has been destroyed. Time, itself, does not flow in an orderly fashion; clocks have long since been rendered useless. Even the Sun sometimes rises in the north and sets in the east.

Nothing against the books. I haven’t read them, but can I play Devil’s advocate? I have read Stephen King books before (Rose Red, Insomnia, etc.). I grew up watching his other “movies” (usually on the tv) like ‘The Stand’, ‘Rose Red’, ‘The Langoliers’, ‘Sleepwalkers’, etc. I think the studio was thinking about the bankability of such a book and couldn’t see it. The story sounds intriguing, but studios are out to make money. As is stands, it won’t draw in non-readers (see Game of Thrones). So they would change it and well… You will have a Game of Thrones situation. In a way, it might just be a good thing.

Either way, I can see why the studio passed. King can be a hit or a miss, and ‘The Dark Tower’ should probably be all tv and not hit a movie screen. What do you think?

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