You Know You Want to Work at This STAR WARS-Inspired Office – GeekMundo

Silicon Valley software development company Giant Pixel wanted a design that reflected their employees’ geekiness, and Studio O+A rose answered the call by designing an office that not only reflects various Star Wars references, but also melds a little bit of The Jetsons.  Add a little of that vintage Lost in Space kitsch that was so pervasive  in the 1950s and 1960s, and you’ve got a pretty sweet looking office.  Hell, I even see some Japanese design elements in there.

If you’re fluent in binary code, then you’ll probably recognize that the large perforated screen isn’t just a cool little element, but the intro crawl to Star Wars.   Check out a few more flicks below:

If there were more offices like this, people might actually want to come into work… And like it.