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via Kickstarter/scanPAD

It’s not often that some new tech makes my jaw drop but the promo video for scanPAD most certainly did.  Billed as the “coolest scanner ever”,  this scanner is proof that awesome German engineering doesn’t only apply to luxury cars.  It’s an easy way to scan documents, take photos and add your own custom backgrounds, and other cool productive stuff without having to use your hands to hold your smartphone straight.  The bad news is that there are only four days left to contribute to their Kickstarter campaign, and they still need a little over $100,000 to reach their goal.

It is an easy-to-use, beautifully designed scanning solution for your smartphone. It prioritizes your data, and gets rid of the mess. The result is professional-grade scanning in a gorgeous design.

scanPAD integrates a scanner, a mini photo studio, an overhead projector and a hands-free holder in one device and replaces all the issues like drivers, updates and cables with elegance and simplicity.

The patent pending nanotechnology (how Crichtonian) is pretty clever especially if you’re like me and your receipts take a beating in all sorts of bags and pockets.  But don’t just take their or my word for it.  You can check out the video to see what you think:

via Kickstarter/scanPAD

I love the clean, sleek, minimalist design, and that blue one is gorg.  You can donate to their Kickstarter campaign here.