BONE TOMAHAWK: Watch the Dark First Trailer Featuring Patrick Wilson, Kurt Russell – GeekMundo

Look, I need to know more about Bone Tomahawk before I air my misgivings, because any movie talking about savages that just happens to be set in the Old West automatically raises red flags for me.  Until then, I’m going to trust that there is more to this horror-western than meets the eye.

In the trailer, Arthur O’Dwyer (Patrick Wilson) has his injured leg tended to by Chicory (Richard Jenkins) in a most barbaric, but standard for the time way: with a hammer!  Later on, it becomes apparent that Mrs. O’Dwyer (Lili Simmons) has been abducted by “savages” *major side-eye* which leads to O’Dwyer, Sheriff Franklin Hunt (Kurt Russell), a very dapper John Brooder (Matthew Fox), and Chicory going on a search for wifey.  Unfortunately, it looks like they may need to be saved themselves when they are hunted down themselves.  Now, it’s not clear who all the bad guys are here, the cannibals or the secretive Brooder, but I can’t wait to find out… So long as it’s not anything racist.  And I’m praying it’s not because I could use a good horror-western.


Four men set out in the Wild West to rescue a group of captives from cannibalistic cave dwellers.

Bone Tomahawk hits theaters just in time for Halloween on October 23rd.