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Oxygen’s Crazy Talk via NBC Universal

I love a good pop culture snarkfest, but I wasn’t sure if I would ever come around to tuning in to watch Crazy Talk featuring Tanisha Thomas (Bad Girls Club) and Ben Aaron (New York Live).  This uproarious clip has me convinced that I should give it a chance.  I’ve been a fan of Tanisha’s for years, so I’m glad to see my bestie in my head doing her thing post-BGC.

In the clip, Tanisha tells the audience that she’s been having a recurring nightmare which features her as one of the overly excited, aggressive, and cacophonous shrews who drag some deadbeat neckbeard (played by Aaron) on Maury for a paternity test.  Of course, the paternity test comes back with those words we all relish hearing as they come out of Maury’s mouth: “You are NOT the father”, and hilarity ensues.  She also ends up on The Steve Wilkos Show, and The Jerry Springer  Show.

Get ready for TV’s next guilty pleasure, CRAZY TALK, premiering in national syndication on Monday, September 14, 2015. The new daily comedic half-hour show, hosted by Tanisha Thomas and Ben Aaron, raises an eyebrow on the most outlandish and sometimes bizarre moments across the rapidly growing reality television landscape.

Hosts Tanisha Thomas (Bad Girls Club, Girlfriend Intervention) and Ben Aaron (New York Live) inject their raw and hilarious banter into the absurd, ridiculous, and most watched TV clips that viewers can’t resist watching—from “Keeping  Up With The Kardashians” to “Real Housewives of Atlanta” to “Maury” and everything in between! The show will also welcome back some of the standout guests featured in these memorable clips—including Abby Lee Miller (Dance Moms), Susan and Jon Doneson (Secrets and Wives), Karlie Redd and Yung Joc (Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta), Terra Jole (Little Women: LA), “Piece of a Burger” viral sensation Courtney Barnes and many more—to provide the inside scoop behind their crazy moments. The bottom line: CRAZY TALK celebrates the craziness in television and all of the humor that comes with it.

Here’s what to expect in the first few episodes.


Premiere Episode (episodes air back-to-back) – Monday, September 14

On today’s all new Crazy Talk, Dr. Phil fishes for compliments and Tanisha reveals how watching “Jerry Springer,” “Steve Wilkos” and “Maury” shows has contributed to her having very strange dreams. Don’t miss this, plus more outrageous clips on today’s Crazy Talk!

Episode 102 – Monday, September 14

Today on Crazy Talk, we’re about to turn up the heat with puppets. Then see how a super nanny handles a super brat. Plus, find out who won the angriest customer of the year award.

Episode 103 – Tuesday, September 15 (episodes air back-to-back)

Today, Tanisha reveals the secret that every woman wants to know. Then guess who has Ben and Tanisha seeing red? Time’s up, it’s Karlie Redd of “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” here to give the 411 on her show you don’t want to miss!

Episode 104 – Tuesday, September 15

On today’s outrageous episode of Crazy Talk, we’ll highlight toddlers in tiaras, Maury learns an important lesson in geography while Ben ends up in shall we say a compromising position. Don’t miss out on these clips and more on today’s Crazy Talk!

Episode 105 – Wednesday, September 16 (episodes air back-to-back)

Today on Crazy Talk, we’ll highlight some topless men featured on The Jerry Springer Show. Later, Tanisha reveals a better use for granny panties. Then, we’ll reveal one mans’ peculiar obsession with balloons. How far will he rise? Find out on today’s Crazy Talk!

Episode 106 – Wednesday, September 16

On an all new Crazy Talk, new sex positions, Hollywood tips and Jonathan and Susan from Secrets and Wives!

Episode 107 – Thursday, September 17 (episodes air back-to-back)

On today’s Crazy Talk, a naked eel hunting, the best of square dancing on The Jerry Springer Show, plus we’ll snack on “My Strange Addiction.” All that and then some on today’s all new Crazy Talk!

Episode 108 – Thursday, September 17

Today, we’ll get the naked truth about Dating Naked. Your lips won’t be sealed when you see today’s Viral Video lips and don’t miss Jerry Springer’s musical entitled…Bro-trayal, today on Crazy Talk!

Episode 109 – Friday, September 18 (episodes air back-to-back)

On today’s we’ll show you some strange things you can find at home. Plus, see what has Ben and Tanisha duking it out and horsing around. The fun never ends, see why on today’s Crazy Talk!

Episode 110 – Friday, September 18

On today’s Crazy Talk, we’ll show you to improve your golf game, get some beauty advice from “Kim of Queens” and show you how Preach has turned us all into believers. Don’t miss today’s outrageous and all newCrazy Talk!