Geek Art – Dark, Creepy HOME ALONE Poster – Geek Mundo

If you think about it, Home Alone is a pretty screwed up movie with a litany of family issues that need some serious solutions.  I mean, you’re verbally abusive to this kid, leave him alone at home, and two robbers prey upon and attack this poor kid in a botched home invasion!  Well, check out Daniel Norris’ poster featuring the film’s darker side.

There is no cute Christmas theme.  There is no cute kid here.  Just terror and darkness!  *evil, maniacal laugh*

I love the vintage feel to this Home Alone poster.  It’s reminiscent of some of the classic thriller and horror films of the 60s.  As a kid the film was cute, but as an adult, I’m sure you’d have to be a pretty shitty parent to begin with to leave your kid behind.