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Former True Blood star Ryan Kwanten joined a relatively high profile cast whose ranks include Sam Worthington (Clash of the Titans, Avatar), Sir Anthony Hopkins (list of awesome films too long to list), and Jim Sturgess, for Alchemy’s Kidnapping Mr. Heineken, and we’re not talking about beer.  Well, yes and no.  In the 1980s, one of the heirs to the Heineken brewery fortune was kidnapped for a ransom most of us wish we could afford to pay, making it a big scandal for the time.  Kidnapping Mr. Heineken is based on that very true story, and we’ve got a look at the cast in a promo photo.

Official movie synopsis:
Based on crime journalist Peter R. de Vries’s account of what has been called “the most 
notorious  kidnapping  of  the  20th  Century,”  KIDNAPPING  MR.  HEINEKEN  explores  the 
abduction  of  Dutch  brewery  magnate  Freddy  Heineken  (Anthony  Hopkins)  and  his 
chauffeur,  Ab Doderer,  who were  kidnapped  in  1983  and  held  for  what was  the  largest 
ransom at the time. 
Written  by  William  Brookfield  and  directed  by  Daniel  Alfredson,  KIDNAPPING  MR. 
HEINEKEN  stars  Jim  Sturgess,  Sam  Worthington,  Ryan  Kwanten,  Mark  van  Eewen,  Tom 
Cocquerel, Jemima West and Anthony Hopkins. 
Informant  Media  partners  Judy  Cairo  and  Michael  A.  Simpson,  and  Howard  Meltzer 
produced  KIDNAPPING  MR.  HEINEKEN.    Informant  partner  Eric  Brenner  is  an  executive producer.