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Just to give an idea of how epic IndieCade is in terms of just how many indie game developers and game companies came to prove themselves at IndieCade, the jury chose from 500 games from five continents.  You can do the math.  The jury consisted of industry tastemakers like J. Stewart Burns ‘The Simpsons’ and ‘Futurama’ producer and writer, Kellee Santiago, former of ThatGameCompany, and more.

Grand Jury Award: Unmanned– Molleindustria

Visuals: Gorogoa–  Jason  Roberts

Audio: Dyad– RSBLSB

Impact: Reality Ends Here– Jeff Watson and Simon Wiscombe, USC Game Innovation Lab

Interaction: Interference –Nathalie Pozzi and Eric Zimmerman

Game Design: Armada D6–  Eric Zimmerman and John Sharp

Technology: Vornheim– Zak S.

Story/ World Design: Botanicula– Amanita Designs

Special Recognition: The Stanley Parable– Davey  Wreden

The Trailblazers Award: Elan Lee

Developers Choice Award: Renga– wallFour

Audience Choice Award:  Hokra– Ramiro  Corbetta

Check out more winners and nominees at  If you’re on the East Coast and you’re down to go to the first annual IndieCade East 2013, the dates are coming up this February.  I had a chance to look at Hokra, the audience choice award winner.  Though it’s design and gameplay seem simple and retro, its a sports game for four players and the objective is simple: score already!

Hokra Trailer from Ramiro Corbetta on Vimeo.

I was unsure at first, but Hokra looks like a fun game and fast-paced at that. I wonder if they have any plans to make this a mobile game app. If not, they should.

What do you think of the winners? Any games stick out to you as epic?