GeekMundo Presents: 31 Days of Horror 2014

I’ve been waiting a whole year for October to come back around, and it’s finally here.  One of the things that I’ve always wanted to highlight on GeekMundo is my love (and @JonnyQBall79’s appreciation) for horror movies and the genre in general.  We’re not a horror blog, so that kind of proves difficult considering my utter fanaticism for horror lit, comics, movies, etc.  That’s why I welcome October, and for the third year in a row, GeekMundo goes dark and creepy for our annual 31 Days of Horror blogging fest.

Every day for the month of October, I’ll be waxing poetic on all things horror and suspense, as I share my latest finds.  No movie, book, or comic is too old.   From classic horror movies like The Bride of Frankenstein, to new releases like Annabelle, we’ve got you covered.  And that’s just in the film department.

We’ll also take a look at the new season of Grimm, the series premiere of Constantine, and draw comparisons between those two and Sleepy Hollow.  And that’s just in the TV department!!!

So I hope you stick around with us for our 31 Days of Horror for 2014, but before we get started, take a walk down memory lane with some of our popular posts from horror fests of days past:

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