Image Comics SEX VOL. 1: THE SUMMER OF HARD Due November

As you can imagine, being a retired superhero and acclimating to your new life is not easy.  Image Comics‘ series Sex follows Simon Cooke as he tries to do that, while going further than just showing hot bodies in spandex.

From the press release:

“SEX VOL 1: THE SUMMER OF HARD, the first trade paperback collection of the hot new Image Comics series, releases this November. The book will be priced at $9.99 and contains the first eight issues of the controversial and acclaimed series.

Man of Action Studios’ Joe Casey and artist Piotr Kowalski are the creators of the best-selling monthly series, which features retired superhero Simon Cooke and his pained attempts to re-acclimate to a normal, civilian lifestyle that he was never that good at to begin with. Of course, in Saturn City, nothing is “normal” and each month SEX delves into its psycho-erotic, urban underbelly — chock-full of former enemies and former allies — with unflinching abandon.

In reviewing the series, Comic Book Resources declared, ‘Joe Casey and Piotr Kowalski have created a stylish look at an often overlooked part of the superhero genre.’

And from ‘This comic is a really great read, like the kind of stuff we used to get from PreacherY: The Last Man, and Transmetropolitian.’

Regarding the first trade paperback, Casey said, ‘It’s great to be able to offer this much content for just under ten bucks. This way, we can get even more people paying for even more SEX — and at an affordable price, too!  Still not for the kids, though… but everyone of age who’s tried SEX so far seems to like it. I know I do.’

SEX VOL. 1: THE SUMMER OF HARD trade paperback is suggested for mature readers and will be in stores on November 27. It can be pre-ordered in the September issue of Previews(SEP130552).”

I’m actually going to catch up on this comic this week.  Have you read Sex?  What do you think?

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