Really? IRON MAN 3 Plot Leaked By Hong Kong Newspaper? – Geek Mundo

May 28, 2012

It seems pretty clear that Mandarin will be the villain in ‘Iron Man 3′ based on what we reported on the movie filming in China. All points seem to be leading to this fact, especially given this recent story that ran in a Hong Kong newspaper.

According to CSICON, the plot for Iron Man 3 seems to have been leaked by a Hong Kong newspaper that indicated Iron Man would have to travel to China to rescue the kidnapped daughter of a friend:

The article, which is about Andy Lau‘s recent addition to the cast, goes on to say that – and I apologize for the poor translation:

The film will have location shooting in Beijing and Shanghai, it will narrates that the daughter of Robert Downey Jr.’s friend was kidnapped and brought to China, in order to save his friend’s daughter, he flew over from America to China to seek help from Andy to strengthen his abilities to fight The Mandarin. You will see Iron Man fly over The Great Wall of China, National Palace Museum & other landmarks in Shanghai May 2013.

Interesting. I’ve already put in my bet that it’s going to be Mandarin. I’m not backing down from that. There are too many factors at play for Iron Man to NOT go up against Mandarin.