SINBAD: THE FIFTH VOYAGE – Watch the Official First Trailer!

Considering all the major blockbusters coming out this year, you’d think Giant Flick Films’ Sinbad: The Fifth Voyage, an ode to old school clay-mation and stop motion films, would get roasted by me.  I am definitely curious and interested because I cut my teeth on classic horror and cult movies as a little young buck(ette) staying home on Fridays and gorging on TNT’s Friday night programming, 100% Weird and MonsterVision.  For those of us who remember watching Clash of the Titans or Jason and the Argonauts, this might just be what we’ve been missing.  Sometimes less is more.  Check out the first trailer below and a behind-the-scenes sneak peek:

Interesting… I would have liked an even grittier look, but I live for shit like this. It definitely brings back some good memories. Here’s an idea TNT, bring back MonsterVision and 100% Weird.

Based on the Arabian Nights, and The One Thousand and One Nights, and in the spirit of the golden age of Saturday matinee monster cinema of yesteryear.

Actor/Director Shahin Sean Solimon has revived this classic tale of Sinbad’s fifth voyage using the original VFX Style of Stop Motion “Super-Animotion” Technology.

Sinbad and crew are tasked with rescuing the Sultan’s first-born daughter Princess Parisa from an evil sorcerer The Deev, saving her from an island of magic and monsters including The Cyclops, The Goliath Crab, The Skeletons of The Dark Tree Forest, The legendary Rok Bird and many more. But soon Sinbad will be tested in ways even he cannot imagine.

Sinbad’s voice is narrated by Sir Patrick Stewart (Xmen, Dune), and Shahin Sean Solimon portrays Sinbad’s live action version.

In theaters beginning Friday February 7th, 2014.